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SBI3C Peptide Formation Assignment

Come up with a tetrapeptide (four sequences) using an amino acid from each category – non-polar, polar, negative and positive.  They don’t have to be in that order or spell a word that makes sense, but could if you want them to.

Here’s the pattern to use for the task.

aa1 + aa2 –> aa1-aa2 + H2O

aa1-aa2 + aa3 –> aa1-aa2-aa3 + H2O

aa1-aa2-aa3 + aa4 –> aa1-aa2-aa3-aa4 + H2O

Use the legend below to highlight the components found in each line.

blue – amino       red – carboxyl        green – R group     purple – peptide bond

In addition to showing them in green, identify the category that each amino acid comes from in the final tetrapeptide only.

If you want to use a different colour code that is ok but you’ll have to write out your legend for it.