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SNC2P Chemistry Unit Test 1 Tuesday September 24, 2019

All things that we have covered in the notes is fair game. The notes of the week will always be posted on the last day of the week.

Definitions for the following: element,compound, atom, ion, molecule, electron, cation, anion, atomic number, atomic mass, ionic bond, covalent bond (single, double and triple)

How to find the the number of electrons, protons and neutrons for any atom in the periodic table.

Lewis diagrams for atoms and ions of the first twenty elements.

Lewis diagrams for simple molecules like the ones we did in class.

Draw and use simple particles to draw atoms, ions and molecules like we did in class.

Use simple particles to find the name or formula of ionic compounds.

The test will be a combination of multiple choice and short answer.

If you are struggling with any of these concepts, watch the YouTube tutorials I have posted, find others that are out there, consult with peers who understand these things and come for extra help at lunch to clear things up.