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SBI3U Pig Dissection Tutorial

Watch the videos below for a walkthrough of the pig dissection.  There are some structures we talked about in class that were not mentioned in this video.  Note those.  Remember you need to know the function of the structures in addition to what they are.  There is a little quiz at the end you can do to reinforce your knowledge.

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SNC4M Culminating Activity Phase 2

  1.  Identify the full name of the protein encoded by your gene.
  2. What is the function of the protein?  What does it do?
  3. Use the NEB cutter and identify the beginning of the a) start codon and b) the stop codon.  Provide screenshots of this to show how you identified these locations.
  4. How many amino acids long is the protein?
  5. Show the whole amino acid sequence from NCBI.
  6. Find a protein structure image of your protein.  The image you find may show it working with other proteins or on its own.
  7. Hand-draw the full molecular structure of the first four amino acids of your protein.  Identify each of these amino acids as polar, non-polar, positive or negative.
  8. What disease or condition is your protein associated with?
  9. Describe the disease or condition in terms of it’s symptoms, diagnosis, prognosis, treatments and possible outcomes for individuals with this disease or condition.  (This question should be at least one page in length).
  10. Identify and describe some current research that is happening with your gene.
  11. Make a list of references you used in APA format.
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HRE1O Called to Love Assignment

You are asked to answer the following question: What is love?
“Teacher, which command in God’s Law is the most important?”  Jesus said, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul and love others as well as you love yourself”  – Matthew 22:36-40

Use material covered in this unit, for example:

  • the fourth commandment
  • when it is or when it is not love?
  • four types of love
  • misconceptions of love
  • Christ-Like Love
  • scripture passages that focus on love
  • Love of God
  • the five love languages
  • content from the story of “Heaven is For Real”

Use three of the concepts from above and create a poster, brochure, powerpoint or prezi to give specific examples from your real-life experiences and what you have learned in this course about what it means to give and receive love.