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SBI3U Lessons for Thursday March 21 and Friday March 22

Watch the clips on Inheritance below. Then read pages 184-192. Answer Practice Questions 1 & 2 on page 190, Practice 1 & 2 on page 191, Questions 1-12 on page 193. Any of this assigned work not done in class over the next two days is for homework. We will have a practice quiz on this stuff next Tuesday. Help each other! If you’re sitting beside someone who is as confused as you, then get up, move and find someone who’s getting it to help you. I will go through all this stuff when I return but your effort invested this week will make a significant difference in your understanding. This content takes time and effort to master so be diligent and patient.

genetics terms
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SBI4U Lessons for March 21-22

Watch the video below to learn more about how 2 metres of DNA is packed into the 8 micrometre nucleus of our cells. Then work on questions 1-20 on page 56 and make review notes on the carbs, lipids, proteins and nucleic acids content covered this week. Jot down any questions you may have. Then seek out their answers on YouTube or the internet. If you’re still stuck after that, make a note to ask your questions next week. I will be finishing the lipids, proteins and nucleic acids notes when I return next week but the more effort you put into this stuff the clearer those lectures will be. We’ll also do some practice quizzes. Tomorrow will just be a work period to review all this stuff.

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SBI3U Lesson for March 20

Read the articles below and complete the News In Meiosis quiz on the VLE. This quiz counts for marks so read the articles carefully and answer questions accurately. You are to work on your own and your cell phone is not allowed. You are allowed your textbook and notebook though.

Clues to Chromosome Crossovers

New Steps in Meiosis

After you complete the quiz, you are to return the chromebook (plug it back in please) and read pages 161-166. Answer questions 1-6 and 9 on page 166. Interestingly we are awaiting results from our geneticist to see what Mauri’s karyotype is. He is not presenting with any signs of the syndromes mentioned in your textbook but we are just having this verified. Knowing is better than not knowing. Complete these questions for homework if not done in class.

The video below is a walkthrough of this phenomenon:

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SBI4U Lesson for March 20

Watch the videos below then read pages 52-54. Copy Figure 42 (a), (b) and (c).
Start completing questions 1-20 on page 56. You don’t have to do them all for homework. There will be time tomorrow to work on these.

The two clips below are general tutorials on nucleic acids.

These next two clips outline a new biotechnology called CRISPR. You will notice that it’s a system of protein, RNA and DNA. You will be hearing more and more about this new biotechnology as applications of it are developed. In fact, controversially, in late 2018, an announcement of the first CRISPR babies was made and consequences that have followed.

Here is a short clip showing the mechanism in action followed by a more thorough explanation:

CRISPR co-inventor Jennifer Doudna gives a TED talk below:

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SBI3C Lesson for March 20

Watch the video clip below on nucleic acids. Then read page 28 and answer questions 25-27 on page 28 regarding nucleic acids.

The rest of class is for review of carbs, proteins, lipids and nucleic acids. Please be diligent in your effort and help each other with this content.

Answer questions 16-18 on page 21 (carbs review)

Answer questions 1-11 on page 29.