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4 SNC2D Animal Systems Test TUESDAY Dec 18

Know the diagrams, structures and functions of the:

  • circulatory system – components of blood and what each part does, blood vessels – arteries, veins, capillaries –> their layers and thicknesses and reasons for this, blood pressure types and changes during circulation, heart anatomy, sequence of blood flow through the heart, pulmonary circuit vs systemic circuit and gas exchange, atherosclerosis
  • respiratory system – conducting zone vs the respiratory zone anatomy, zoom in on respiratory zone –> the cells involved in this and what they do, gas exchange on this level, inhale and exhale –> volume/pressure changesĀ  and the anatomy that makes this happen, collapsed lung
  • digestive system – parts of the digestive tract, roles of each organ, mechanical versus chemical digestion –> what enzymes are, where they are made, what they do and where they function, how bile works to allow for fat and oil digestion –> emulsification, how macronutrients are processed and where they get into our blood stream, acid reflux