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HRE2O Welcome to Religion

Welcome to Grade 12 University Prep Biology. Day 1 Sheet outlines important information regarding the course. Late/Missing Assignments and the HCC Uniform Policy which can be found in the August 2016 HCC Newsletter are other critical documents you and your parents or guardians are to review and understand.

This is our class blog in which you will find access to selected notes, assignments, links and other resources we will be using throughout the course.  Just click on your course link on the right to filter out the posts from the other classes so you can most efficiently access the information you need.  You can download the WordPress app, register with your LDCSB email account and follow this blog.  If you ever need help while working on a project or assignment, you can send me a question by asking it in the comments option on the blog entry.  A notification will appear on my phone and I will respond as soon as I can.

If you are ever stumped but too shy to ask for help in class, always feel free to see me after and we can book some time at lunch to clarify things.  I look forward to working with you this semester.  You are capable of magnificent things you cannot even imagine yet!

May you always do and be your best.


Mr. Schramek

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