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SBI3U Rules for Scientific Drawing

  1. Use pencil and unlined paper only.
  2. Use a circular object to draw a field of view just the left of center, to allow for label lines on the right.
  3. The boundary structures of the specimen are more important than secondary features such as shadows, curvature, and colour.
  4. Stipple areas dark to indicate depth, do not shade or cross-hatch.
  5. Draw clean lines; do not sketch. Structure lines should be definite, continuous and clear-cut.
  6. Draw part for part, not from memory. Do not invent structures that are not there in the specimen. These are your observations of what is actually visible.
  7. Ensure the size of the specimen is as it appears in the field of view.
  8. Label parts you can identify with a solid straight line out to the right, ending at the same distance so all the labels are vertically aligned.
  9. Do not cross label lines.
  10. Label lines must touch the structure being labeled.
  11. Do not add arrow-heads to the label lines.
  12. Include title that is the specimen name (Genus and species name if known) underlined and centered over the field of view.
  13. Include magnification in brackets to the bottom right of the field of view.

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