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HRE2O The Daily Readings

  • When have you been in a “flood” situation that God has got you through?
  • How did you and God get through it? (Who and what did he send to help?)
  • How did you know that the “flood” was over and you had survived it?  What were the concrete signs of it like the dove with the olive branch?
  • Why do you think it took two rounds to have the blind man fully healed? In other words, why didn’t Jesus heal him in one round?  How does this connect with Jesus helping us?
  • healing is a process
  • the dude might have been resisting until he got a glimmer of hope
  • sometimes you need more than one go at something to get where you need to be
  • Jesus checked in with the guy during process
  • Jesus waited for his faith to take hold
  • Why did Jesus not want the blind man to go back to the village?
  • He wanted the guy to go down a new path; perhaps something in the village is what caused the blindness
  • think of blindness as a metaphor
  • there’s something off with that village…the people, the environment

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