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HRE2O Daily Insights

Daily Readings

First Reading: all about pride and the consequences of it

  • Have you ever experienced this kind of unhealthy pride? What kind of behaviour did it lead to? bragging; inflated self-worth; thinking you’re always right – know-it-all –> unteachable; putting others down; gossip; acting out of your best character
  • How did you recognize it? catching it by the way others react to you; others could actually just point it out to you; 
  • How did you resolve it? modesty; humility; change your attitude; apologize and get forgiven

Gospel: all about following Jesus and having the courage to pick up our cross

  • What is your cross to bear right now?
  • Do the crosses you have to bear change as you go through life?
  • Why do you think we have to suffer as humans? can be a learning opportunity; sometimes our fault, sometimes the fault of others; our own free will and the impact of the free will of others and even of nature
  • Do we have to declare we are followers of Christ out loud or is there a better way to exhibit our Christianity? our attitudes and behaviours

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