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SBI3U Game of Evolution Culminating Activity

To effectively simulate the phenomena that lead to evolution of species over time.

Required components:

  • two forms of natural selection:  stabilizing, disruptive, directional and/or sexual seletion
  • two of the following:  bottle neck, genetic drift, founder effect
  • allopatric and sympatric speciation
  • genetic switches/mutations
  • convergent and divergent evolution
  • humanoid impacts

Things to consider in game design:

  • aesthetics – gotta look good
  • functionality – so components are not just decorative…they do something!
  • effective modelling of the above phenomena – how well it shows the processes
  • rules are clear
  • players are controlling populations – how will you represent this?
  • is the board static or not?
  • one level or multilevel?
  • think about variation of traits within the populations each player is controlling











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