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SBI3U Dichotomous Key Assignment

Complete the following parts of Investigation 1.2.1 on pages 32-33 of your textbook as well as the additional questions that are included here:

  • Complete Part A parts 1-4
  • Draw a decision tree that would correspond with the dichotomous key in Table 1
  • Follow this with your response to Apply and Extend part (e)
  • Complete Part B parts 5 (but not with a partner) & 6
  • Draw a decision tree that you used to make your dichotomous key for part 6
  • Choose a place in the world and find images of 8 animals or plants in that habitat.  Identify the habitat and create a decision tree and dichotomous key for those animals or those plants.  Do NOT mix animals and plants.  Stay in one or the other kingdom for this part.  Below each image put the common name as well as the binomial species name.

This assignment is due next Thursday and counts towards Inquriy and Communication categories.

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