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HRE2O Financial Awareness and Inner Peace

Here is the spreadsheet we made today based on our discussion of the influence of materialism against the reality of incomes and expenses.  Although this can induce some anxiety and fear, that’s ok at the moment because this kind of thinking is new but if you start now you can get ahead of things!

Concrete awareness now will help you clearly distinguish wants from needs and assist you in making wiser decisions so you can live within your means.  It also hopefully puts into perspective all that your parents do for you and the family.  We are very blessed by all they do and have done for us.  We can pay them back by paying it forward by making wise choices!

Begin by always saving 5% of whatever money comes your way.  This will take discipline at first but will rapidly become a compelling habit as you watch this account grow.

Budgeting This is in Excel.  You can download it and modify to your own/current lifestyle.

Budgeting This just a pdf of the file in the link above.


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