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HRE2O Lesson Plans June 7

You will finish the activity we had just started yesterday on The Sacraments.  After you have read your assigned section and answered the questions, you are to provide your answers to your group and they are to note what you have found.  By the end of class you should all have notes on the seven sacraments.

Please read the following section and answer the questions provided to complete the questions provided below.

Answer the following for each of the sections below:

a.) What does this sacrament celebrate?
b.) What is the meaning of this sacrament?
c.) What are some key words and symbols that are connected to this sacrament
d.) What is the ongoing effect ( continued relationship with God and others)
e.) What type of sacrament is this, either (Initiation, healing or service of communion)

The Sacraments Reading Assignments

1.) Read pages 127- 152
2.) Read pages 158-172
3.) Read pages 178-203
4.) Read pages 210-233
5.) Read pages 238 – 255
6.) Read pages 260 – 280
7.) Read pages 285 -301