Posted in 4/5 HRE2O Religion

HRE2O Exam Review Topics

  • happiness advantage
  • Jesus of History, Christ of Faith
  • How Learn about Jesus
  • Understanding scripture – contextual versus literal
  • Five Love Languages
  • The Gospels – formation and the authors (who was who, when did they get published
  • Themes of Parables
  • The historicity of The Resurrection
  • The first and second Creation Stories
  • Exodus – Moses story – covenant formation – The Prince of Egypt
  • Importance of Passover
  • My personal exodus
  • Origin and Types of Sin, alienation from sin
  • Connecting Exodus to Jesus story
  • Important events in the life of Moses
  • Making Moral choices – Character Cycle – actions & habits, virtues and vices, destiny
  • Key events that followed the Resurrection
  • Living a Virtuous Life – 4 Cardinal Virtues and other virtues
  • Self-Understanding & Self-Esteem
  • Individualism
  • Three stages of adolescent development
  • Success and Finances – financial responsibility
  • Media Mindfulness
  • Handling conflict – RID & SOLVED
  • Images of the Church
  • Prayer & God – forms of prayer
  • Jesus’ teachings on Prayer
  • Becoming a saint – actual stages of sainthood
  • Communion of Saints
  • Praying to/with Mary and the saints and our loved ones on the other side
  • The Sacraments

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