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SBI4U Homework

Show drawings of the following:

  • A grain of salt made of six formula units of NaCl that has just been placed in distilled water (dH2O)
  • The grain of salt from the description above as it would be after it is half dissolved
  • A solution if the grain of salt was fully dissolved

Remember to consider how the water molecules orient themselves around the dissolved sodium ions and the dissolved chloride ions.

What force of attraction holds the ions in the grain of salt together?


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SBI4U Warm Up

  • watch salt dissolve at 100X
  • watch glucose dissolve at 100X
  • What is the formula of salt?
  • What is the formula of glucose?
  • How are the glucose crystals different in shape from the grains of salt?
  • Draw the structural formula of glucose
  • When salt dissolves, what part of the grain dissolves first?
  • Does the rate at which a grain of salt dissolves accelerate or remain constant?  Why do you think this happens?
  • Which dissolves faster – salt or glucose?  Why do you think this is so?
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SBI3U Homework – How Many Cells?

  • According to work done by researchers associated with the Smithsonian, approximately how many cells is the average human being made of?
  • Why was the work by the Smithsonian more accurate than other methods? (Answer this “why” with a paragraph written in your own words in such a way that a peer not taking this course, or your parents could understand).
  • Show the APA citation for your source of information

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