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SBI4U VSEPR Interactive

Click here and download the 3D model kit to practice VSEPR shapes.  You may have to update or download Java to run the program.

  • electron pairs repel each other in 3D space so repulsion is minimized
  • lone pairs are more repulsive than bonding pairs due to the absence of a nucleus
  • double and triple bonds are treated as a single bonding pair
  • only bonding pairs are used to declare the shape of the molecule around the central atom, but lone pairs may have an influence on this shape
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SBI3U Warm Up

  • Hand in your homework write-up on the green stair at the front with your name on it
  • Get an image of an artery under the highest magnification possible so that it is entirely visible.
  • Measure & calculate the diameter of the lumen of the artery. (HINT:  if you don’t know what lumen means, look it up!)