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SBI4U Homework – Osmosis Puzzle

Osmosis Jones Puzzle

In addition to finding a YouTube clip or animation for all the transport types we listed in our notes, answer the following questions for the case above.  Imagine this is a picture of two sugar solutions in a beaker with a semipermeable membrane running through the middle of it.  Water molecules can pass through it but the sugars cannot.  There are 30 water molecules on either side of the membrane to begin with.

  1. What is the percent concentration of sugar on either side of the membrane?n of sugar/n of water x 100%
  2. Which way will the water move?
  3. Why will it move this way?
  4. How many water molecules will move this way?  Justify your answer mathematically.
  5. What will happen to the heights of the solutions on either side of the membrane in this imaginary beaker?
  6. How does this relate to our kidneys?
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SBI3C Punnett Squares and Probability Note and Homework

SBI3C Punnett Squares and Probability Note April 3 2018

For homework, complete or redo the dominance practice questions using the format shown format shown in the note on the link.  Show the cross, the Punnett Square, Genotypic Ratio and Phenotypic Ratio and answer the question being asked with a complete sentence based on your work.  This will take a chunk of time but it is necessary practice.  It will set you up for success when getting random questions of all sorts in the future.