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SBI4U Lab Investigation – Extraction of Your Chromatin

SBI4U Extraction of Your Chromatin 2018

Download the Word Document copy of the lab report from the link above.  Fill it in with your answers.  Paraphrase your sources and put it in your OWN words, not those of your classmates (this is plagiarism too).  Cite all your sources using both in-text and end-of-text in APA format.  Submit your completed report (in Word format) to the folder in the assignments section of our course on the VLE  before 1:00 PM on Wednesday April 11.

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SBI3U Homework

Complete the sex-linked questions from the original Genetics Practice Questions Handout from last week.

If you want to read/surf ahead on blood typing to prepare for tomorrow’s lesson, go for it! 🙂