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6 SBI3U Test on Thursday October 4, 2018

  • microscope parts  and their functions
  • proper microscope use
  • measuring and calculating microscopic specimen size
  • rules for scientific drawings
  • chromosome structure terminology
  • cell cycle in general – the pie graph
  • cell cycle in detail – what exactly is happening in G1, S, G2, prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase
  • how cancer forms
  • how cancer spreads
  • how cancer is treated – surgery, chemo, radiation, anti-angiogenics (endostatin), tumour treating fields, immunotherapy (know the basics of all of these but be able to thoroughly explain one of the ones in bold, as if you had to explain it to a family member who was going to go through it and didn’t understand what the doctor said when describing the therapy)