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6 SBI3U Lesson Plans for Sept 18: Cancer Warrior

Scan through the questions, watch the videos, read the abstract in the link below and do some other research to answer the questions in your notes.

Cancer Warrior Questions

  • What is endostatin?
  • How does endostatin differ from other cancer drugs?
  • Where is Duane’s cancer located?
  • What problem was Dr. Folkman originally trying to solve?
  • What happened to the tumor cells on the thyroid gland in Folkman’s experiment?
  • What does angiogenesis mean?
  • Are there blood vessels in the cornea?
  • What happens when a tumor is added to a rabbit cornea?
  • What would an angiogenesis inhibitor do in the rabbit cornea with a tumor placed in it?
  • Was endostatin easy to isolate?
  • Why were the scientists looking for an angiogenesis inhibitor in cartilage?
  • How did Robert D’Amato arrive at thalidomide as a possible angiogenesis inhibitor?
  • What event caused Noel Bouck to totally shift the direction of her research?  Why might this be considered Divine Intervention (a nudge from God) as opposed to just a coincidence?
  • What significant things did Judah Folkman read about that she discovered?
  • What two treatments had Tim first tried for his myeloma?
  • How many years of animal studies were needed before human trials of endostatin began?
  • How many anti-angiogenic drugs in addition to endostatin were being tested when this documentary came out?
  • Why was Duane removed from the clinical trial?
  • What happened to him? – you’ll have to do some research beyond the video for this

Article Questions

Current Status and Study of Progress of Recombinant Human Endostatin in Cancer Treatment

  • According to the article on current studies with endostatin, what three factors doomed naturally produced endostatin as a treatment for cancer?
  • What did Chinese scientists do to solve these problems?
  • When was this modified form of endostatin approved as a drug?
  • What have they concluded about its effectiveness?
  • Is there still hope that endostatin can be an effective treatment for cancer?

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