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1 SNC2D Practice Quiz on Friday Oct 12h


  • Law of Conservation of Mass
  • State symbols (what they are, mean and when to use them)
  • Chemical Equations – word equations, skeleton equations & balanced equations.

Practice Questions

  • What are three ways the Law of Conservation of Mass can be expressed?
  • What is the state symbol for a) solid  b) liquid  c) gas  d) solution?
  • When an ionic substance like sodium chloride is dissolved do the ion units NaCl stick together or are the cations and anions free to float around from each other?
  • Show the balanced chemical equations and word equations for the following reactions.  Above each name of the substances in the word equations identify the particles the substance is made of by choosing from atoms, ions or molecules.

  •  Convert the following sentences into word and balanced chemical equations with state symbols.

a) Sodium metal reacts with water to produce a solution of sodium hydroxide and hydrogen gas.

b) Brittle white magnesium oxide reacts with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to form crystals of magnesium carbonate.

c) A clear blue solution of copper (II) chloride reacts with aluminum foil to form clumps of copper within a clear, colourless solution of aluminum chloride.

d) When a solution of sulfuric acid (look this formula up) is poured on sodium carbonate crystals, a neutralization reaction occurs that produces water, sodium sulfate (which is dissolved in the water and carbon dioxide gas.

e) Nitrogen gas reacts with oxygen gas to for dinitrogen pentoxide gas.


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