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6 SBI3U Reproduction Unit Test Tuesday October 23


  • Info from Life’s Greatest Miracle video – particularly the quiz questions you did on the VLE. To view these, go to the quiz, click on the little drop down arrow button beside the title and click on “Submissions”.  Your responses and the correct ones will be visible
    quiz submission
  • what the objective of meiosis is in general
  • what synapsis and crossing over are and why they are important
  • what meiosis looks like in a male versus a female (the slides from the one post) – just the image – be able to identify the gonad the image comes from, you don’t have to know all the fancy details around it.
  • how to draw and/or label any phase of meiosis and their proper order, including interphase of the primary oocyte or primary spermatocyte
  • what form chromosomes take in any of the phases
  • how meiosis is different in males and female in terms of timing and gametogenesis (i.e. sperm or egg production rates – number of cells per meiosis and why this is)


  • Multiple Choice
  • Diagram drawing/labelling
  • Short Answer – a few sentences per question
  • There will not be a long answer section to this test

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