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SBI3C Completed Notes to Study From

Here are ALL the completed notes on carbs, proteins and lipids that we took. I’m posting these in case you forgot to write something down or you were absent during this unit. You can review them to prep for your quizzes next week. The ones that say “Practice Quiz” on the schedule do not count towards your report card mark. The ones that just say “Quiz” do count towards the knowledge and understanding part of the report card mark.

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SBI3C Incomplete Dominance

Use Punnett Squares and Genotypic Ratios and Phenotypic Ratios to determine what the probable outcome of colour is for fozzles 15, 16 and 17. Figure out 16 and 17 for homework using the method shown for #15.

In this case, which fozzles are homozygous and which ones are heterozygous?

Solution for #15:

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Woman with novel gene mutation lives almost pain-free

A woman in Scotland can feel virtually no pain due to a mutation in a previously-unidentified gene, according to a research article. She also experiences very little anxiety and fear, and may have enhanced wound healing due to the mutation, which the researchers say could help guide new treatments for a range of conditions.