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SBI3C Lesson Plan for Monday April 8

Greetings class, I am sick today as a result of food poisoning. Here is your lesson for today:

Watch the following documentary:

After this, go to the genetics review handout below and complete the practice questions for the aliens that you didn’t do on the dominance one. Then proceed to the incomplete dominance questions. This isn’t for homework, just work on them in class. With practice, these kinds of questions are fun to solve but you have to keep at it! Do your best and help each other!

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SBI3U Lesson for Monday April 8

Greetings class. I am sick today as a result of food poisoning of some sort.

Today’s instructions are for you to complete the unassigned questions from the Genetics Review Handout from March 28. It is vital that you master these skills and that just takes practice. So if in the past I assigned questions a), c) and e) from the dominance page, then you do b), d), etc. until the whole series of questions on this handout are done. The solutions are posted on the blog on the original March 28 post. Proceed into the ABO questions as well. Do your best and help each other!