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SBI4U Classifying Forces Homework

a) For each of the numbers, identify the force of attraction between each particle based on the note we did in class.

b) Once you’ve classified them, put them in order of strength from weakest to strongest within each category.

Note: Be able to explain any choice you made based on your background knowledge. You don’t have to write it out, but say in your mind, “1 is a _____ because it is between a _____ bond and a ______ bond”.

And for part b) “1 is (stronger or weaker) than 4 because_____”.

It is vital in science to be able to defend any claim you make. Every paper that is published must withstand scrutiny known as peer-review. This is where scientists read each others’ rough drafts and look for possible holes or discrepancies before publication can occur. In this way, the data will hold up over time and we get closer and closer to the scientific truth being explored.

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