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2020 Archery Season

Practices are from 2:30-4:00 in the gym on the following days:

  • March 10, 13, 24, 27, 31
  • April 7, 14, 17, 21, 28
  • May 1, 5, 8

Tournament Dates and Locations

  • Wednesday April 8 at RMC
  • Wednesday April 15 at MTS
  • Wednesday April 22 at HCC
  • Wednesday April 29 at SJHS
  • Wednesday May 6 at HCC

For each of the above tournaments, we will be leaving the school at 2:20 as on-calls for last period coverage are not available. Please be ready to go immediately when the bell rings at the front of the school. You will be released from class at 1:40 to gather equipment and bring it to the front of the school.

We will likely be required to bring target butts and stands to some of these tournaments. If that is the case, vehicles can be brought to the back where the gym is to load equipment but we will leave from the front of the school at 2:20 so we are not in the way of the buses.

Wednesday May 6 is the Sainturion Archery Invitational Tournament that will be in both gyms (HCC/SDCI) with both school boards pending interest levels.

The provincial championships, now known as the Great Lakes Invitational Archery Tournament will be on Wednesday May 13 & Thursday 14. We leave from the school on Tuesday May 12 for this tournament at the end of the school day.

Here are the qualification requirements for the Great Lakes Invitational Archery Tournament:

Our regular season tournaments are 45 arrows. So total scores for our tournaments that would be at qualifying levels are as follows:

  • Recurve 263
  • Compound Unlimited 300

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