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SBI4U Lipids & Proteins Test IS CANCELLED. But do study and learn these topics so you know them for next year.


  • how triglycerides are formed
  • categories of fatty acids and their properties
  • phospholipids
  • micelles vs membranes
  • sterols
  • HDL, LDL – what are these and what role do they play in atherosclerosis?


  • roles of proteins
  • components of an amino acid
  • how zwitterions form
  • categories of amino acids – non-polar, polar, negative, positive
  • primary structure – how peptide bonds are formed in a growing protein
  • secondary structure – alpha helices and beta sheets: what are they and how do they form?
  • tertiary structure – R-group interactions between specific amino acids for overall 3D structure
  • quaternary structure – two or more proteins to carry out a function
  • Swirly – be able to look at a protein and figure out what category of amino acid is best for different sections of a protein within a cell.