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HRE2O “Christmas In June” Real-igion Project – $500 RAISED FOR THE WRRC!

May 24, 2017

Every Christmas season Centurions rise up and raise money to support the families of the Women’s Rural Resource Centre and the wider community.  It is a joyful time and genuine miracles happen.  Sometimes we forget that the needs are still there, and also how blessed many of us are each day.  It’s time to remember and do something about it…so, Christmas in June!

Just like my favourite YouTube Magician/Prankster Rahat surprised Eric with a “lottery win” followed by a new home, and ultimately dignity (see clips below), we are going to do something similar for the Women’s Rural Resource Centre. We’ve set a goal of ten toonies each which would raise $600 they are not expecting.  I believe this number is just a minimum of what we are capable of!

On Monday June 19, we will close out this not-so-random act of kindness by making a Christmas video for the WRRC.  Baked goods are welcome to celebrate!

Together we are stronger and it’s a wonderful life!

Monday June 19, 2017 Update:

You did it! $500 and a SportChek gift card for the WRRC.  Amazing work Centurions!

A miracle is not a violation of a natural law.  A miracle is the fulfillment of a Higher Law.”





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HRE2O Exam Review Topics

  • happiness advantage
  • Jesus of History, Christ of Faith
  • How Learn about Jesus
  • Understanding scripture – contextual versus literal
  • Five Love Languages
  • The Gospels – formation and the authors (who was who, when did they get published
  • Themes of Parables
  • The historicity of The Resurrection
  • The first and second Creation Stories
  • Exodus – Moses story – covenant formation – The Prince of Egypt
  • Importance of Passover
  • My personal exodus
  • Origin and Types of Sin, alienation from sin
  • Connecting Exodus to Jesus story
  • Important events in the life of Moses
  • Making Moral choices – Character Cycle – actions & habits, virtues and vices, destiny
  • Key events that followed the Resurrection
  • Living a Virtuous Life – 4 Cardinal Virtues and other virtues
  • Self-Understanding & Self-Esteem
  • Individualism
  • Three stages of adolescent development
  • Success and Finances – financial responsibility
  • Media Mindfulness
  • Handling conflict – RID & SOLVED
  • Images of the Church
  • Prayer & God – forms of prayer
  • Jesus’ teachings on Prayer
  • Becoming a saint – actual stages of sainthood
  • Communion of Saints
  • Praying to/with Mary and the saints and our loved ones on the other side
  • The Sacraments
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HRE2O Reflections on The Shack

  • How did Mac learn to let go of his desire to damn Missy’s murderer?
  • How did Mac learn to let go of his judgment of his father?  How did he have to change the way he saw who is father was in order to forgive him?
  • What is more important – revenge or healing?  Explain.
  • Does forgiving mean we are condoning bad behaviour?
  • Can we forgive someone even if the relationship is over or impossible for us?
  • Does Papa orchestrate tragedy?
  • Why is there evil even though we have a loving God?
  • Who do you need to stop judging and start forgiving?  How do you need to change the way you look at them in order to do this?
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HRE2O Lesson Plans June 7

You will finish the activity we had just started yesterday on The Sacraments.  After you have read your assigned section and answered the questions, you are to provide your answers to your group and they are to note what you have found.  By the end of class you should all have notes on the seven sacraments.

Please read the following section and answer the questions provided to complete the questions provided below.

Answer the following for each of the sections below:

a.) What does this sacrament celebrate?
b.) What is the meaning of this sacrament?
c.) What are some key words and symbols that are connected to this sacrament
d.) What is the ongoing effect ( continued relationship with God and others)
e.) What type of sacrament is this, either (Initiation, healing or service of communion)

The Sacraments Reading Assignments

1.) Read pages 127- 152
2.) Read pages 158-172
3.) Read pages 178-203
4.) Read pages 210-233
5.) Read pages 238 – 255
6.) Read pages 260 – 280
7.) Read pages 285 -301


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HRE2O How to Love – Updated 

This project began on Valentine’s Day of this year. 

“The day will come when, after harnessing space, the winds, the tides, and gravitation, we shall harness for God the energies of love. And on that day, for the second time in the history of the world, we shall have discovered fire.”
– Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

The principle of The Five Love Languages can be applied to ALL our relationships.  As an ongoing project in the course we will identify key people in our lives, discern their love languages and act upon those insights to treat them with love in their language.  In this way we can become skilled in these languages to ignite and stoke the fire Teilhard de Chardin speaks of.  A candle loses none of its flame by lighting another!

Here are some pics of outcomes. 

Day 2:


Who knows how far these will ripple into time and space?

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HRE2O Financial Awareness and Inner Peace

Here is the spreadsheet we made today based on our discussion of the influence of materialism against the reality of incomes and expenses.  Although this can induce some anxiety and fear, that’s ok at the moment because this kind of thinking is new but if you start now you can get ahead of things!

Concrete awareness now will help you clearly distinguish wants from needs and assist you in making wiser decisions so you can live within your means.  It also hopefully puts into perspective all that your parents do for you and the family.  We are very blessed by all they do and have done for us.  We can pay them back by paying it forward by making wise choices!

Begin by always saving 5% of whatever money comes your way.  This will take discipline at first but will rapidly become a compelling habit as you watch this account grow.

Budgeting This is in Excel.  You can download it and modify to your own/current lifestyle.

Budgeting This just a pdf of the file in the link above.