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SBI3U Exam Review

  • microscope parts
  • proper use of microscopes
  • magnifications and diameters of fields of view
  • measuring and calculating specimen sizes
  • forms of chromosomes – DNA, chromatin, chromatids, dyads, tetrads
  • cell cycle
  • mitosis in detail
  • meiosis in detail
  • meiosis in males versus females
  • Mendel and his pea experiments
  • Punnett Squares
  • Pedigrees
  • Test Cross
  • dihybrid cross
  • Forms of inheritance – dominance, incomplete dominance, codominance, multiple alleles, sex-linked inheritance
  • Charles Darwin and the tree of life – evolution by natural selection
  • forms of natural selection – stabilizing, directional, disruptive, sexual
  • peppered moth example
  • genetic drift, bottleneck, founder effect
  • homologous, analogous and vestigial features
  • convergent and divergent evolution
  • allopatric and sympatric speciation
  • Linnaeus and taxonomy
  •  dichotomous keys
  • Domains, KPCOFGS (taxa) for classification
  • Key components of the kingdoms (Crash Course Clips)
  • Circulatory system
  • Respiratory system
  • Digestive system
Posted in 6 SBI3U Biology

SBI3U Pig Dissection Tutorial

Watch the videos below for a walkthrough of the pig dissection.  There are some structures we talked about in class that were not mentioned in this video.  Note those.  Remember you need to know the function of the structures in addition to what they are.  There is a little quiz at the end you can do to reinforce your knowledge.