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SBI4U VSEPR Interactive

Click here and download the 3D model kit to practice VSEPR shapes.  You may have to update or download Java to run the program.

  • electron pairs repel each other in 3D space so repulsion is minimized
  • lone pairs are more repulsive than bonding pairs due to the absence of a nucleus
  • double and triple bonds are treated as a single bonding pair
  • only bonding pairs are used to declare the shape of the molecule around the central atom, but lone pairs may have an influence on this shape
Posted in 6 SBI4U Biology

SBI4U Homework

Show drawings of the following:

  • A grain of salt made of six formula units of NaCl that has just been placed in distilled water (dH2O)
  • The grain of salt from the description above as it would be after it is half dissolved
  • A solution if the grain of salt was fully dissolved

Remember to consider how the water molecules orient themselves around the dissolved sodium ions and the dissolved chloride ions.

What force of attraction holds the ions in the grain of salt together?