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4 SNC2D Plastids

Plastids are organelles in plants that contain, or will or contain or did contain pigments.  Pigments include chlorophyll (green), carotene (orange), xanthophyll (yellow) and lycopene (red).  They are actually antioxidants which one of the reasons why they are healthy to eat.  Today we are making a wet mount of red pepper tissue in order to observe and generate a scientific drawing of cells that contain chromoplasts containing lycopene.


Red pepper tissue at 400X

Posted in P4 SNC2D Science

4 SNC2D Cells & Cell Cycle Quiz THAT COUNTS on Tuesday Nov 20

  • cell diagrams
  • cell organelles and their function
  • plant cells versus animal cells
  • from DNA to chromosomes: DNA –> Chromatin –> dyads –> chromatids, centromere, p arm, q arm
  • cell cycle big ideas (pie chart) – Interphase (G1, S, G2), mitosis; timelines
  • mitosis in detail and the form chromosomes take throughout the cell cycle
  • how cancer forms
  • how cancer spreads
  • cancer treatments:  chemo, surgery, radiation, tumour treating fields, immunotherapy