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SBI3U Fetal Pig Dissection Tutorials & Practice Quizzes

Watch the series of tutorials below to prepare for the dissection and culminating activity that will go with it. This activity will be a series of slides showing dissected fetal pigs and you will have to apply your knowledge and experience to identify the structures arrows are pointing to based on their name or function.

There are structures mentioned in the tutorials we didn’t cover in class (like the kidneys). These will not be on the culminating activity. External anatomy WILL be covered and you can study the terms for this part by studying the terms in the Procedure section on page 510, Figure 1 on p. 510 and Figure 2 on p. 511 of your textbook. Also read pages 510-513 to prepare for the dissection. I will be verbally instructing the dissections but the instructions will closely follow those in these pages. I’ve made some modifications to this section though.

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6 SBI3U Circulatory System Warm Up

  1. Identify the components of bloods that have the following functions:
    a) clotting b) non-specific immunity c) carry and exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide ?d) holds solutes and red blood cells e) specific immunity
  2. Which blood vessels:
    a) are made with thick smooth muscle layers (tunica media) and a small lumen compared to other vessels of the same total diameter
    b) have all three layers, valves, thin tunica media, and a large lumen compared to other vessels of the same total diameter
    c) are only made of endothelial cells and have lumen so small that erythrocytes can only travel single file through them
  3. What’s another name for a) tiny arteries? b) tiny veins?
  4. What direction does blood flow in a) arteries? b) veins?