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Methods for Wellness

Class Prayer

God grant us the conviction that You make all things new; the courage to carry out your inspired action because You are always with us; and the wisdom to know when to be still and know You are God. Amen.

  1. Pray often and much! Log in to God to help you calm yourself. When you are calm you make better decisions which lead to better outcomes.
  2. Wash your hands with soap and water. Sanitizer is good to have on you, but regular soap is better as it doesn’t drive selection for superbugs.
  3. Keep calm and carry on. This too shall pass.
This image shows you how ordinary soap destroys this virus on the molecular level. It also literally carries it down the drain as it does this. On a lighter note:

In this time, taking active, conscious steps to reset ourselves and find the calm centre within, while we are in a swirling vortex, is vital to prevail and be well throughout and following this challenge. The question is what steps should we take exactly?

The Big Four

The Navy Seals developed a mental toughness program that is referred to as “The Big Four”. They developed this method to help trainees conquer super-fears. This program increased their pass rate from 25% to 33%.

The Happiness Advantage

Shawn Achor, a positive psychologist from Harvard gave the TED Talk below. Watch this! Within it he outlines methods to activate what he calls “The Happiness Advantage” which also leads to better outcomes. Watch it. He’s actually hilarious.

“If you work hard, you will become successful, and once you become successful, then you’ll be happy is a broken formula.” – Shawn Achor

I challenge you to learn and implement The Big Four to handle challenging situations, and use the methods to activate The Happiness Advantage above to get yourself into as well a state of being as possible. Life, with or without pandemics, is already challenging enough. Anything we can do to help us become resilient through any crisis will help in the long run.

Take this time to be well. I will honestly miss our classes. I am sincerely grateful to be your teacher. You are awesome people and it is a privilege to have the career I do. Thank you for being a source of positivity for me each day.

As my good friend, and author once said, “I don’t know what my future holds, but I know Who holds my future.”

See you all when we return.

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SBI3U Meiosis Quiz that Counts on Tuesday March 10

We will do a practice quiz on meiosis on Monday March 9.

Know what is happening at each phase of meiosis in terms of chromosome form, what is happening to them and how many of them are in the cell.

Terms to know: chromatids, crossing-over, diploid, haploid, synapsis, tetrad, dyad

The quiz on Tuesday will be comprised of multiple choice, diagrams – identify, label or draw them and short answer.

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SBI3U Cancer Immunotherapy Article Activity – moved to Wednesday March 4

Read this article and summarize it so you understand it clearly.

Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors – read through this for background as well. Examine (enlarge) and study the diagram in it.

National Center for Biotechnology Information

You will complete an in-class open book quiz on the VLE in our course on Wednesday March 4 – computers are not available for tomorrow. This task will count towards the THINKING & INQUIRY and APPLICATION learning categories of your term work grade.

I changed the date so this post appears at the top of the page for your convenience.

This video will also be an important source of background information too:

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SBI3U Gametogenesis and Conception Assignment – NOW DUE THURSDAY APRIL 9

Instructions – Complete the spermatogenesis, oogenesis and conception handouts using the following instructions.

The analysis questions are to be submitted on the VLE under the Assessment –> Assignments section by the beginning of class on March 24.

Gametogenesis & Conception Data

  1. Use two different colours for the chromosomes from dad’s parents and complete the spermatogenesis diagram. For example, dark blue for the chromosomes from dad’s dad, light blue for the chromosomes from dad’s mom.
  2. Use two new colours for the chromosomes from mom’s parents.  For example, red for the chromosomes from mom’s dad and pink for the chromosomes from mom’s mom.
  3. Make sure each chromatid has a least one cross-over.
  4. Make sure that the cross-overs for spermatogenesis are different than oogenesis.
  5. Randomly choose one of the four sperm that were generated to create the zygote on the conception sheet.  Draw the chromosomes as they would be right after the sperm and egg meet.
  6. Below every cell in all of your diagrams identify it as diploid or haploid.
  7. Within every cell in all of your diagrams, identify the form the chromosomes are in.


  1. Whose DNA did the zygote get most of from:
    a) mom (i.e. mom’s mom or mom’s dad)? b) dad (i.e. dad’s mom or dad’s dad)?  Justify your answer based on (means refer to) the chromosomes within the zygote.
  2. Based on your drawings and knowledge from class, what is the overall purpose of meiosis I? (i.e. refer to your drawings and knowledge in your answer)
  3. Based on your drawings and knowledge from class, what is the overall purpose of meiosis II? (i.e. refer to your drawings and knowledge in your answer).
  4. In terms of chromosome distribution (independent assortment), we tossed coins to figure out where chromosomes would go. How many total coin tosses would there be in meiosis of a human cell?  Explain how you arrived at this number.
  5. Explain how it is impossible (other than for identical twins) for one zygote to be genetically identical to another.  Use the data from your charts to explain this.  (No citation needed).
  6. i) Where and when does meiosis happen in a) human males?  b) human females?
    ii) Why is the number of gametes that come from a single primary oocyte different than the number of gametes that come from a single primary spermatocyte?


  1. Other than disease protection, why does meiosis and sexual reproduction give a species an advantage over asexual reproduction?   Give an example to back up your answer.
  2. Using text and diagrams, explain how non-disjunction can happen and identify and describe a condition that non-disjunction can lead to.
    Use your textbook for this one – but you will have to cite it along with your other valid sources.
  3. What does the Catholic Church teach about the value of the zygote?  How does this teaching relate to the use of human embryonic stem cells?  What is a source of stem cells that could be used that would be acceptable to our religion?  (Note:  you will need to refer to the Catechism of the Catholic Church or the YOUCAT and other valid sources to answer these questions.)

Cite your sources using the same method we did for the Cheek Cell Investigation.

If you do not cite your sources, or you copy off of someone else’s wording, this constitutes plagiarism.  A mark of zero will be assigned as a result.

Wikis and discussion groups like Yahoo answers are NOT valid sources of information.  It is vital that you cite valid sources.