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SNC4M Biotech Unit Test FRIDAY Dec 15

  • From DNA to chromosomes
  • chromosomes of sperm, egg, zygote
  • autosomal versus gender chromosomes
  • Central Dogma: DNA -> transcription -> RNA -> translation-> protein
  • mutations: types, definitely harmful, maybe harmful, harmless
  • gel electrophoresis
  • Sequencing of DNA
  • restriction enzymes: what are they and how do they work?
  • plasmids and their components
  • cloning DNA – recombination
Posted in 6 SNC4M Science

SNC4M Homework

Show the map if we spliced in the “Galactic Purple” (GP) into pBluescript KS (pBSKS) to make the pBSKSGP recombinant plasmid.  In your map show the locations of HincII, XbaI and XmnI enzymes in the final map.  Do your best with this but stay cool if you’re still confused.  We will take it up on Monday and I’ll make a solution tutorial then.